Advertisement is a private IP address that can be assigned to any device on local networks configured to use this address range. Also, some home broadband routers, including Apple's AirPort Express, Belkin and D-Link models, have their default IP address set to

This IP address is only needed if you need to either block or access a device that has this IP address assigned to it. For example, since some routers use as their default IP address, you need to know how to access the router through this address in order to make router changes.

Even routers that use a different default IP address can have their address changed to

Administrators may choose if they find it easier to remember than alternatives. However, on home networks, other addresses have proven much more popular including and

How To Connect To A Router

When a router is using the IP address on a local network, any device within that network can easily access its console by opening the IP address much like they would any URL:

Then, the right username and password must be entered. The default login credentials for Apple or D-Link routers is usually admin or nothing at all.

Issues When Using

Networks start addressing from, the very first number in this range. However, users can easily mistype or confuse,, and The wrong IP address can cause issues when it comes to a number of things, such as static IP address assignment and DNS settings.

To avoid IP address conflicts, this address must be assigned to only one device per private network. should not be assigned to a client if it is already assigned to the router. Similarly, administrators must not assign it as a static IP address when the address is within the router's DHCP address range. votes.4.21 /5

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